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The Culture and Human Rights Meeting Festival ends at the CEIP El Retamal in Valle Gran Rey, with an

The DTProject Cultural Association will offer a concert and inaugurate the exhibition on the refugee population in Western Sahara, 'The color of the earth'

The Festival Encounter of Culture and Human Rights ends its fifth edition, at CEIP El Retamal, in Valle Gran Rey, La Gomera. The DTProject Cultural Association will offer the students a concert and will inaugurate the exhibition The Color of the Earth, on the refugee population in Western Sahara.

This exhibition, which has been seen during the month of May at the Pedro García Cabrera House of Culture, in Vallehermoso, will be available to students and their families for a week. In the exhibition, the life of a people exiled for more than forty years is collected and that has suffered, in Western Sahara, the violation of human rights.

Thus ends the fifth edition of the Festival Encuentro de Cultura y Derechos Humanos, which has been deployed with Africa, the environment and identity as a focus of reflection, on the islands of La Gomera, Fuerteventura, La Palma and Gran Canaria. This initiative influences culture as a tool for making different realities visible and also seeks to take these actions to non-capital populations.

For these activities, the Festival has had the support of the public companies of the Government of the Canary Islands, Promotur Turismo de Canarias S.A. and Instituto Canario de Desarrollo Cultural S.A., the collaboration of the municipalities of Vallehermoso and La Oliva, the KARMALA Cultural Association and the Canary Islands Film Institute, and the production and organization of Cauproges.

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