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The "Letras Arcoiris" project is a Storytelling Workshop on family and affective diversity. The Storytelling sessions will be carried out through a playful, participatory and experiential methodology through the oral narration of stories of diverse authorship, supported by the support of illustrated albums, puppets, as well as other sound and visual resources that allow offering a vision about the different types of families and the particularities of people regarding their identity, their gender expression and their sexual orientation, favoring the demystification of prejudices and stereotypes to build respectful environments that favor a better coexistence in the classrooms, involving the participation of the students in the stories.

Objectives to be achieved:

  • Encourage respect for personal and family differences.

  • Address the affective and family diversity of girls and boys.

  • Prevent peer bullying, sexism and homophobia from an early age.



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Avenida del Manzanares, 62 - 4D, 28019 Madrid

T. +34 606 988 601


Obispo Rey Redondo, 13, first floor, office 4

 38201 San Cristobal de La Laguna Tenerife 

T. +34 609 273 857

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