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Literature has been and is one of the most important cultural vehicles of humanity. The history of art cannot be understood without words, be they oral or written. In turn, the enormous universal literary heritage has been built academically and normatively from the centers of power and control.

This has caused that over time a literary production that did not respond to the demands of control, to the impositions of the system that did not respond to the demands of control, to the impositions of the system that decided what was literature and what was not. Above all, what was good literature and what was not.

We start from this point to focus our attention on the literary production that has developed in the margins and that has had as signature authors the rare, the outlawed, the anarchists, the apocryphal...
This community of authorships and texts, despite having suffered from concealment, ignorance, discrimination and humiliation, has survived time and vicissitudes and is currently experiencing a special moment of vindication and visibility.

Both investigative energies and artistic wills are determined to shed light on this fundamental part of literary history and to place in the first ranks of literary studies and actions a fundamental question: the literature created on the margins has so strongly surrounded the supposed centers that it is impossible to continue despising it.

For all these reasons, Rarities, literature and margins emerges as an action to make visible and vindicate the literatures and authorships that have remained in general oblivion and that now break with the imposed silence to rewrite and deconstruct the histories of literatures.

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