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The XIX edition of Atlántico Sonoro begins in La Gomera

With free admission, the groups Rizomas, Filigrana, and Olga Cerpa y Mestisay participate in the different cultural actions; as well as the plastic artist Luigi Stinga

  • 'Barranco sonoro' is the title of the poster for this 2023 Festival, the work of Arón Morales, a multidisciplinary artist from Vallehermoso.

  • Popular culture will also have its place in the Gomero whistle, chácara and drum workshops.

  • Two round tables will address the cultural heritage contributed by leading older people and peasant women.

Music, conferences and workshops come together to discuss culture and rurality in the 19th edition of the Atlántico Sonoro Festival, one of the most stable and solid in the Archipelago, in which diversity and the environment have also been very present. The program for this 2023, which will take place in La Gomera, Tenerife and Lanzarote, was presented today, Monday, July 3, at the Almendrillo viewpoint, in Vallehermoso, with the presence of the mayor of this Gomeran municipality, Emiliano Coello, and the Festival director, Carlos Prieto. Attendees have also been able to enjoy the wooden sculpture, which the artist Luigi Stinga, who has already become a Festival classic, has created for this occasion, a tribute to the Rural Woman of Vallehermoso.

With free admission to all activities, the groups Rizomas, Filigrana and Olga Cerpa and Mestisay will participate in this extensive program that will begin in La Gomera. In addition, there will be workshops on silbo gomero, chácara and drum and two round tables will be held related to the cultural heritage contributed by leading older people and peasant women. In the coming days, the activities that will take place on the islands of Tenerife and Lanzarote will be reported.

This new edition of the Festival, created and produced by Cauproges, is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Sports through the recovery, transformation and resilience plan with aid to expand and diversify the cultural offer in non-urban areas financed by the Union Union with NextGenerationEU funds. Also with the Government of the Canary Islands (through the Canarian Institute for Cultural Development and Promotur-Turismo de Canarias), the Island Council of La Gomera, and the Vallehermoso City Council. And with the collaboration of the La Oliva City Council, the Cotiarte Association, the Pluma Association, and the Silbo Gomero Cultural Association, and the Vallehermoso Senior Association.

From Vallehermoso, in La Gomera, Atlántico Sonoro once again displays a program that combines the works and thoughts of young creators and creators with the cultural heritage of our archipelago, from non-urban and decentralized contexts. In the organization of activities, priority is given to gender equality, diversity, sustainability and the circular economy.

Rizomas, Filigrana, Olga Cerpa and Mestisay

On Thursday, July 13, the Plaza del Ayuntamiento de Vallehermoso, in La Gomera, will be the scene of the Rizomas concert, led by Rogelio Botanz, Born in the Basque Country, this musician so loved in the Canary Islands, soon moved to Tenerife and began to develop a musical career in which he has fused instruments and rhythms from the culture of the Archipelago with sounds from other traditions.

In Rizomas he joins forces with Kino Ait Idrissen, Isa Estrada and Percútelas de Garaldea. This show is the result of meetings and residencies, experienced by the artists in La Gomera and in the Moroccan Atlas.

For her part, Filigrana will carry her investigation of the “borrowed” sounds that gave rise to Canarian folklore, on Friday the 14th, also in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento de Vallehermoso. Formed by the soloists Laura Álvarez and José Félix Álvarez, and the musicians Agustín González, Ignacio González and Gabriel Hernández, they make up the formation of rondalla, a paradigm of Spanish folklore, with which they transmit traditional Canarian music. Filigrana is defined as a proposal that is born from an accumulation of sound and extra-musical experiences, which are expressed through the sensitivity of each of its performers.

Finally, the Plaza del Ayuntamiento de Vallehermoso will host, on July 15, the concert by Olga Cerpa and Mestisay that, with the title of Jallos, travels through a space full of energy, root sounds and Atlantic colors, with a diverse repertoire that crosses the bridges that unite Africa, America and the Canary Islands.

Olga Cerpa is one of the most important female voices from the Canary Islands in recent times, with two Latin Grammy nominations, while the group Mestisay, founded in 1978, of which Cerpa has been a part since 1988 as a soloist, is one of the musical formations that have made the traditional music of our Archipelago more known both inside and outside the islands. They will offer this very special concert in La Gomera, Olga Cerpa on vocals; Manolo González, on the Spanish guitar; Pancho Delgado, on the Portuguese guitar; Hirahi Afonso on timple; Totó Noriega, on percussion; Marco Valero on bass; and Jairo Cabrera with sax, trumpet, flute and clarinet.

A poster that alludes to the natural wealth of La Gomera

The poster for this XIX edition is entitled Barranco Sonoro and is the work of the multidisciplinary artist born in Vallehermoso, Arón Morales. The illustration represents some of the characteristic elements of the Barranco del Ingenio, as it passes through the Botanical Garden of Discovery,

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